On the shoulders of giants

Unixerius is a small, Dutch consulting firm specialized in IT security and infrastructure.

We like to think that we're a bit special. Not because we undertake grand projects, or because we have dozens of consultants. No, it's because of our personal approach. Unixerius is special, because it grew from one man's desire to support his friends.

When Dick Krijgsman became self-employed in 2007, he reckoned "If I'm going to hire an accountant, I might as well make good use of their service! I should get a few more friends onboard!". Through the years Dick gathered colleagues and friends into his fold, helping them in their careers. He gave us a home by providing solid contracts, personal responsibility and room to plan our own development.

Since then co-workers have come and gone, each a better person than when they first joined. And now it is our turn to continue Dick's legacy.

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