"Lift up, not kick down!"

We are convinced that learnings and experiences should be shared liberally, if not freely. It is our responsibility to help others do their jobs effectively, by helping them "climb the ladder". Instead of gatekeeping positions in IT, instead of diminishing the achievements of others, we believe that success should be celebrated and that we should strive to bring "newbies" up to our own level.


Tess teaches the CompTIA Linux+ curriculum at ITvitae, an ANBI-accredited school for young adults on the autistic spectrum. The Cyber Security students are provided with a 16-day course, including theoretical lessons, demonstrations, lab assignments and homework.

She also teaches in-house classes at her clients, mostly focusing on smaller security-related topics. Most recenty, she's been teaching classes on PKI fundamentals, certificate automation and threat modeling.


While we don't have an open mentoring program at this moment, we have coached interns at a number of our clients. Tess also frequently offers guidance and help on the Discord servers of Certification Station and of /r/CompTIA.

We don't collect any data about you, outside of normal web server access logs: no cookies, no tracking, no nothing.